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Sustainable Forest Management Certification – SFI Group Certification

Capacity recognized the requirement of forest certification when managing First Nation forestlands & licenses within BC.  SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) forest certification provided a tool to manage the social, economic & environmental impacts of forest activities within the First Nations territories but also, promoted responsible forest stewardship which ensured awareness to First Nation communities, public & marketplace of sustainable forest practices.

Capacity Forest Management pioneered the way with SFI Inc. to create a First Nation (multi-site) group SFI certification for forest management activities situated on Vancouver Island, North & Central Coast and Interior of British Columbia.   The creation of the SFI group certification helped equally distribute certification costs between First Nation licensee holders and allowed more First Nation licensees to attain SFI certification for their forest land base.

A major reason Capacity re-certified under the SFI standard was the enhanced principles & commitment to indigenous values and rights on the forest land base.   Capacity’s working relationship with SFI Inc. has assisted in stronger recognition and respect of indigenous rights to ensure the standard addresses not only, cultural values, wildlife conservation, biodiversity, environmental concerns but also, support for training and research and community involvement in the forest sector.

Capacity is committed to assisting our clients First Nation forestry businesses in attaining SFI certification under our group umbrella certification.  This will provide public & supplier’s confidence that our First Nation clients’ forest products are arriving from a certified sustainable & well-managed forest land base.

Below is one of CFML’s Policy Statements from our SFI program.

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