Visual Resource Management

Scenery and viewscapes is one of the most valuable assets that British Columbia where scenic landscapes supports BC’s global reputation as a provider of high quality recreation and tourism. The forest industry relies on harvesting the forest to generate revenue and forest products in rugged and mountainous terrain and evidence of harvesting can’t be hidden from view, but designed that forestry activities fit with the natural character of the landscape.

Through innovative forest management planning, Capacity’s qualified professionals during inventory and planning will identify visual resource values and establish objectives for managing visual impacts on the forest land base of British Columbia. Important tools that assist our clients and professionals is use of visual design techniques to ensure harvest areas look more natural and are in scale with the natural landscape and preparation of visual simulations to evaluate the proposed harvests will be consistent with the Visual Quality Objectives set in legislation.

Our team of visual resource management can assist in incorporating visual landscape design principles into operational and strategic planning.

  • Visual Impact Assessments
  • Visual Landscape inventory


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