Geomatics & LiDAR

Capacity Forest Management maximize the value of operational planning from LiDAR.   Our company provides efficient planning and using detailed point feature information from LiDAR to increase efficiency and reduce operational planning and development.    With LiDAR we analyze tree volumes, species identification to locate roads, stream crossings, cutblock boundaries based on timber values and engineering, legislation and landscape level constraints.

We harness our planning and development through Roadeng and ArcGIS which enables our planners to understand the terrain and drainage patterns in area’s before any initial field recce occurs.  With the use of LiDAR with RoadEng and ArcGIS we can create site specific detailed estimation of where exactly a road is best located and even design total chance planning that includes landscape level constraints to site specific concerns to determine inoperable terrain or immature timber.  

  • GIS analysis and mapping
  • LiDAR & Imagery acquisition
  • LiDAR analysis
  • Strategic, tactical and operational LiDAR and aerial/Satellite imagery planning
  • Spatial modelling and analysis
  • Data Management & E-Submissions
  • Data Management (Spatial and Non-Spatial Data, Webmap)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Services

Capacity Forest Management Ltd.

Working with First Nations
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