Forestry & Logging Operations

Capacity has a highly skilled and knowledgeable team of logging supervisors that play a diverse role in the First Nation Forestry business.   The primary focus is to ensure the safety of our workers, contractors, worksite(s) and safety of public that may interface with certain phases of the logging operations.   Another primary focus for our logging supervisory team is to ensure compliance with environmental and forest regulations and striving for continual improvement of all forest practices.  

In addition, our logging supervisors ensure our business meets our First Nation clients objectives by providing training of new workers and existing personnel as well as, maintaining log quality and ensuring efficiencies of the operations to meet production goals and timelines.   

  • Full Phase Logging Management and contract negotiations
  • Road Construction supervision
  • Harvesting supervision
  • Contract Agreements
  • Log Quality Control
  • Business structure design and management

Capacity Forest Management Ltd.

Working with First Nations
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