Forest Timber Development & Planning

Capacity excels at providing cost effective multi-year, full phase timber development and planning.  Our vast team of Registered Professional Foresters, Registered Forest Technologists & Accredited Timber Evaluators provide exceptional timber and resource planning and understanding of the BC appraisal and stumpage regulatory systems.  

From initial planning, constraint management and identification, and regulatory forest management we develop and provide harvesting authority for our clients.  

  • Full phase engineering and development (Heli, Cable, Ground, Winch assisted)
  • Full Tenure Management including appraisals and permitting
  • Project planning, budgeting and negotiating
  • Project management
  • Strategic, tactical and operational level planning
  • Timber Cruising, evaluation, forest inventory and reconnaissance
  • Forest resource assessments
  • Forest Road Engineering, Design and Costs
  • Harvest/road construction planning
  • Deactivation planning

Capacity Forest Management Ltd.

Working with First Nations
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