Logo Design Story

Capacity Forest Management Ltd (Capacity) is honoured to have had our logo re-designed by local artist Mulidzas-Curtis Wilson. Curtis was a very talented and well-known artist from the Leqwiltokw territories in Campbell River.

Since 2003 Capacity has specialized in working with First Nations in the management of their forestry operations, we have great respect for First Nations heritage and culture.  We strive to balance the First Nations cultural and community priorities with the need to provide economically viable operations.

We recognized the need to have our logo represent the relationships we have spent more than a decade building, so when Curtis offered to create a design for us we jumped at the opportunity.  Below is a quote from Curtis on his inspiration and design choices. 

“The inspiration for this design is the experience, connection and relationship that Capacity Forest has not only with our Nation, but also many other First Nations in the Management of Forestry Operations. Capacity has proven that they are working for the best interest of our Nation and I wanted to create a design that showcases our relationship.

The designs that I selected for the new Capacity Logo are the Kwikw-Eagle and the Gwawina-Raven.

The Eagle is known to be very intelligent and symbolizes status, power, peace and friendship. The Eagle feather is considered a sacred part of many ceremonies and rituals. The down from an eagle is still used today to bless the floor of the big house before each ceremony. It is said that if eagle down landed on you during a ceremony that it would bring good luck.

The Raven is known to be mischievous and curious. He symbolizes creation, knowledge, prestige as well as the complexity of nature and the subtlety of truth. He also symbolizes the unknown and is there to show that every person sees the world in a different way as another.”

– Mulidzas-Curtis Wilson

You can find more about Curtis HERE or on FACEBOOK.

We at Capacity are very honored to have Curtis’s design represent our company and pay respect to our First Nation clients.

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