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Brief history about the company, and our plans for the future.

Since 2003, Capacity Forest Management Ltd. has grown into an unrivaled forestry company that specializes and works with First Nations in all aspects of the forestry business & industry. Capacity Forest Management Ltd. boasts a team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals providing innovative and creative full-phase tenure management services.

Corby Lamb

In 2017, the ownership team started to transition with Larry Fedorkie becoming a partner. Then, in 2020, Corby announced his retirement, making room for Mike Beck and Justin Lukey to join the ownership team.

We, the ownership team, are fully committed to continuing the legacy that Corby Lamb created in 2003. A legacy of providing full-phase tenure management services exclusively to First Nations focused on success, trust and transparency.

Today we are proud to work with diverse First Nation communities throughout the Province, providing a range of expertise from negotiating tenure opportunities, assisting in Treaty and/or Reconciliation negotiations, project management and planning expertise, and management of all post-harvest obligations.

Justin Lukey, Mike Beck, Larry Fedorkie

Our location

1761 Redwood Street
Campbell River, BC  V9W 3K7

Office: (250) 287-2120

Our Mission

Capacity is committed to developing and maintaining positive, long-term relationships built on trust and transparency.  We always strive to deliver the highest quality services and products focused on maximizing the benefits to our First Nations clients and communities.  This includes a strong commitment to forest stewardship and integration of the specific mandates from leadership.

Our company has excelled in increasing First Nation participation in the forest sector through economic development initiatives, business investments and partnerships, strong environmental stewardship, and creation of skilled training opportunities to community members.  In addition, Capacity has been very adaptable to incorporating new ideas, innovative approaches and working collaboratively to deliver on mandates and commitments. 

Our key has been early and meaningful engagement which is essential to building trust and long-lasting relationships.  Capacity continues to actively pursue the involvement of Indigenous People at every stage of forest development and consider Indigenous peoples’ rights, interests, concerns and aspirations.   Our company’s strong commitment of understanding Indigenous People’s culture, heritage, traditional practices and knowledge provides our professionals a beneficial foundation in project management and planning.

Capacity Forest Management Ltd.

Working with First Nations
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