Capacity Forest Management

We work exclusively with First Nations in forestry to increase their participation and success in the industry.

Working with First Nations’ to boost their voice in British Columbia’s logging industry.

Capacity Forest Management is a forestry management company working solely with First Nations. Our goal is to encourage involvement with the First Nation communities and provide ease with all legal documentation and contracting, while still following all protocols from the Sustainable Forestry Industry (SFI).


We know what it takes to maximize the current and future value of our client’s investment.


We work with a variety of First Nations. See the different projects we have on the go.


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Working with
First Nations

Our clients’ territories range from the Central Mainland Coast through North, West and South Vancouver Island to the Southern and Northern Interior. We strive to balance the First Nations cultural priorities with the need to provide an economically viable operation.

Capacity Forest Management Ltd.

Working with First Nations
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